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CREATE YOUR DESTINY has a clear mission.   


Time is precious. Our program is designed to help you choose to use your time well and in ways that are meaningful to you.  Our vision?  That we, and our children, live a life that brings all of us happiness, growth and  fulfillment.  


We offer effective and efficient research-based coaching services to help you have clarity, courage and confidence so you... 

• find your footing 

• know your direction 

• achieve your life's vision 

 prepare your children for adolescence and adulthood.



Our Method


We  observe, ask questions, listen to your answers and help you identify options and solutions.  We are critical thinkers helping you to better see the big picture and important details.


Our structured and science-based approach allows you to gain greater clarity in your personal and professional endeavors and become even more extraordinary. 


Our advanced coaching methods blend best practices and research results from the fields of neurology, psychology, business, sociology, quantum physics, and adult education. 


Our unique coaching program is based on our academic training combined with our entrepreneurial and professional  experiences.


Our process brings clarity, depth and breadth of understanding to a wide variety of issues, problems and situations for individuals, organizations and businesses.


Clarity is the secret to achieving our dreams at home and work. 


As Clarity Coaches with a specialty in assessing and diagnosing, we help you to understand what's going on.  When you clearly see the issue and identify the  underlying cause you are then better equipped to make a decision and implement your chosen solution. 


How you see the issue is the issue.  


We believe...


Inquiring & asking questions gets us to where we're going.


You have all the resources you need to learn, grow & create your life.  


How you relate to the issue is the issue. 


You have the freedom to choose your behavior and change your life path.


You can know why you were born & what you are meant to do in this lifetime. 


You create your past, present & future.  


If you are a peg, stop trying to fit into a square hole.  

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