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We are Amy & Chris - High-Performance coaches.  It took us years to discover, by hit-and-miss, what’s truly important and how to intentionally create the life that makes us happy and fulfilled.  So far, these are the best years of our life.  We wish the same for you.

* You Move Forward Quicker & More Effectively When You Have a Game Plan for your Future

Most of us don't even think we can influence our future.  We do not have a game plan.  We often do not know what we want to do, or, who we are, so we stumble along as opportunities and relationships come our way. We make the best decision we can given the information we have. That's all part of growing up. 

At some point, whether it's because life has hit you in the head, you hit rock bottom, you're tired of being unhappy, or you wake up one day and realize you want more to life, you start asking questions. It's a good day when you recognize that you are in control of your life even if you are not sure what to do or how to get there. 

* Start Living Your Life Intentionally No Matter Your Age

No matter your age or situation it’s never too early or too late to course-correct and start living your life intentionally.  We know life tends to have certain themes depending on our age.

20's: It could be in your teens or 20’s when you are asking yourself how to live a meaningful life while simultaneously taking the first professional job you're offered, or figuring out your love life. 

30's: During this decade, you tend to be largely focused on getting ahead in your career and/or meeting the daily challenge of raising children  so they eventually can live their dreams and be the best they can be.

40's + 50's: By your 40’s and 50’s you may be re-assessing what you’ve accomplished, how to be a better parent or partner, work-life balance so you stop sacrificing yourself or others, how to climb higher on your career ladder before the door is shut, or what's missing in your life. 

60's + 70's Upon reaching your 60’s and 70’s you are probably realizing opportunities and possibilities are extremely limited going forward.  We wonder where the time has gone.  The clock is ticking.  If you have't done it yet, this is a great time to become an entrepreneur.

Take Your Next Step Forward

No matter our age, we all benefit from thinking about what we want to do for the rest of our life that's meaningful and in alignment with our deepest desires.

What is important is taking our next step forward. 

It’s time to Go!  You have a green light no matter what anyone else thinks or says. 

The legacy you leave is up to you.

Life goes by so quickly. Rather than waste any more of your energy, time, joy and money, you can create the life you were born to have. You can fulfill your destiny.  You can create your future life path in intentional, direct, and pragmatic ways that align you with who you are at the deepest level of your being. That's what gives you drive, happiness and energy.


Perhaps as you've read, Super High Performers like Novak Djokovic and Arnold Schwarzenegger have done just that.  They clearly identify and attribute fulfilling their childhood dreams to 4 essential strategic actions that guided their journey:

(1) Connect to it emotionally and despite the odds and naysayers, believe in your vision,

(2) Visualize  your end result as well as what you have to do to reach the next level,  

3) Consistently Take Small Steps that move you incrementally forward throughout your life's journey, and  

4) Receive support, training, and coaching. 

Research validates the power of these 4 elements no matter how large or small your dream.

What is one step you are going to take? 

We encourage you to do it now! 

Much love & laughter, 

Amy & Chris