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Perhaps like you, I grew up with older parents who expected perfection and demanded obedience.  I was expected to do what they wanted, no questions asked.  It was the stereotypical German parenting model that ignores children’s emotional needs, discouraged tenderness and minimized attachment in order to raise strong children. 


After years of looking to others to tell me what to do and struggling with uncertainty and anxiety, I met Amy and my life changed.  I found confidence and learned to take control of my life.  


Now I am moving from what I don’t want in my life to consciously choosing and creating what I do want in my life. I use the same powerful techniques to help others be High-Performers and direct their own path.



A childhood friend once told me, "We love you, but you are weird." 


Until that moment I  did not understand that I was very different from my family and friends. No matter how much I wanted to be like them, I was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole.  


Eventually,  I discovered my WHY.  It changed my life. For the first time, I clearly understood who I was, why I was born and how I contribute to this world by being me. 


We now share our ground-breaking Discover Your WHY and other powerful techniques to maximize your success, fullment and happiness. 


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